The NDP Carbon Tax hurts families, businesses, charities and our most vulnerable!

Budget 2016 unveiled the details of the NDP carbon tax. The NDP did not campaign on this tax, and now it’s hitting families at a time they can least afford it. During a time of economic turmoil and massive job losses, the NDP's new plan will only make things worse. 

Wildrose believes Albertans deserve a say before the NDP raises the price of everything for Alberta families. 




  • The carbon tax will raise the cost of heating your home by $202/year in the average household.
  • A typical 2-car household will pay an extra $303/year in gasoline with the new carbon tax.
  • Alberta's fuel will become more expensive than both Manitoba and Saskatchewan. 
  • The carbon tax and coal shutdown will also raise everyone’s power bills dramatically.
  • The NDP's new carbon tax will raise the price of almost all goods and services produced in Alberta by hundreds of dollars for every family.
  • The tax is not revenue neutral, meaning it simply makes the average Albertan poorer.
  • This is a massive new  $3 billion tax on Albertans.
  • The tax will mean Albertans will pay an extra 7 cents per litre at the pumps over and above the 4 cent increase to fuel already in the provincial budget.
  • The carbon tax is a direct tax on charities. It provides no rebates for charities and non-profit organizations, and will raise their costs by thousands of dollars. 
  • The carbon tax will raise school bus fees due to increased transportation costs. 


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